Why Shop Small

Small boutique dress math 101!!! Did you know there is a HUGE re-sell market out there for brands such as myself?

What makes small boutique brands so appealing and why is it actually an investment to buy small brands?
1) Handmade/Made in the USA
2) One of a kind or small/limited quantity. These items are not mass produced, and if they are produced they usually are made in smaller batches compared to most retail brands.
3) Materials- Most boutique brands use fabrics/notions that sell out completely or are hard to find.
4) Quality

Knowing this, now you know that even though most of us charge a higher price initially, there are eager buyers on Buy/Sell/Trade groups who would love to purchase your gently used garmet. There are literally hundreds on Facebook! Technically you are still winning in every aspect when purchasing from handmade boutique brands even if you store it away as an heirloom!

My Buy/Sell/Trade and VIP group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1703144853321448/

Please feel free to join us and re-sell your boutique dress for a good price!